Painting: Colours of Unpaid Youth - Artnation

Colours of Unpaid Youth

Mixed media

15" x 15"

Shipping As - Wooden Box / Crate

$ 118
Colours of Unpaid Youth is the short documentary about unpaid internships inside the EU institutions. But at the same time, it touches upon other international organisations. It is collection of trainees’ stories; how their work and lives look like here, in Brussels under conditions of unpaid traineeship, how they feel about that and how they see this story overall, where will we end up. Another part of the movie is an artistic part that carries one whole metaphor within, trying to picturize the situation trough unordinary, conceptual way with an aim to make people wonder about the world we live in. Overall the documentary’s main aim was to be kind of platform for empowering the interns to express their emotions, concerns and problems about the issue. Documentary’s outcome is to give a strength to other interns who had opportunity to watch it, to feel the empathy with the interns from the documentary, find themselves in it and encourage themselves to talk about it as well. The whole idea was a product of former EPSA, March 2016 (European Parliament Stagiers Association) where the paid interns of the EP started raising their voices about the problem. During the brainstorming what could be done, Sabiha came up with an idea to make a documentary out of interns’ stories.

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