Artist FAQ

Artist FAQ

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions. However, if you do not find answers to your questions, please write to

1. How can I register as an artist?

It is a simple 3-step process to register and upload your artwork. Please click how-it-works for detailed steps.

2. How are artworks priced?

Artwork prices are quoted by artists and as of now Artnation does not impose any rules on pricing an artwork.

3. Should the artwork pictures be taken using a professional camera?

You can take pictures on any camera with resolution of 8MP or above. Please see the ‘photographing a painting’ topic at the end of this document for more details.

4. What file format should I upload the artwork?

We accept JPG and PNG file formats.

5. Does Artnation charge commission from artists?

For a period of 1 year or until the 1st sale by the artist is complete, we do not charge any commission from the artists. Following 1 year or after the artists first sale, we may charge a nominal percentage. We will keep you posted about such decisions. Gallery owners can also set up their online galleries for FREE.....forever. All sale requests will be notified only to the gallery owner. And a small fee of 7% (per sale) will be collected from gallery owners. Gallery owners will be responsible for paying their artists.

6. How will I know if someone buys my artwork?

When a buyer confirms a purchase (by making a payment), we will notify the artist with instructions for shipping. Check out the buy-sell refund flowchart for the complete process.

7. How do I ship my artwork?

After the payment is confirmed by the buyer, we shall connect you to the nearest shipping vendor. You can either drop the carefully packed artwork at the vendors collection center or the vendor may pick it from you. This is work in progress and we are working on partnering with some reputed logistics vendors.

8. How should I pack my artwork?

We do not impose any rules on how you should be shipping your artwork. But it is Really Important that you pack them in way that can prevent damage due to shipping or weather. However, to reduce cost and to create a safe shipping package we would recommend that you ship the canvas roll.

9. When will I get paid after the artwork is sold?

Artnation shopping experience is built to give trusted experience to both sellers and buyers. To an extent that we ensure the artwork is shipped only after the buyer has confirmed the payment. Likewise, we pay the artist after we receive confirmation from the logistics partner on the delivery of your artwork and a confirmation from buyer if they have received what they purchased. Please see the Buy-Sell-Refund flow chart for details.

10. Who pays the shipping cost?

As with any e-commerce store, the buyer pays the shipping cost.

Photographing a Painting

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