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What These 9 Stars Would Be Doing If They Weren't Dancers

What These 9 Stars Would Be Doing If They Weren't Dancers

What These 9 Stars Would Be Doing If They Weren&;t Dancers

It can be hard to imagine life without—or just after—dance. Perhaps that’s why we find it so fascinating to hear what our favorite dancers think they’d be doing if they weren’t performing for a living.

We’ve been asking stars about the alternate career they’d like to try in our “Spotlight” Q&A series, and their answers—from the unexpected to the predictable—do not disappoint:

Dutch National Ballet’s Michaela DePrince: Human Rights Lawyer

Michaela DePrince in arabesque on pointe in a black leotard, onstage with a wooden-looking backdrop. She faces away from the audience and her wrists are flared.

“When I retire I’m hoping that I can become a human rights lawyer. For now, the only way I can really help people is by being an ambassador for War Child Holland.”

Martha Graham Dance Company’s PeiJu Chien-Pott: Fashion Designer or Graphic Designer

PeiJu Chien-Pott in a Graham contraction while sitting on the ground, her legs extended up in the air with bent knees. She wears a tan leotard and her black hair is down and flowing behind her.

“I enjoy compositing beautiful images and letting my creativity bloom.”

The Washington Ballet’s Ashley Murphy: Physical Therapist

Murphy as Myrtha in Giselle. She is in arabesque, with the rest of the willis in formation behind her, gesturing towards her with a subtle port de bras.

“My goal is to become a physical therapist so that I can help other dancers feel and dance their very best.”

B-girl and Choreographer Ephrat Asherie: Translator or Journalist

Asherie onstage dancing next to a musical instrument of some sort. Her right leg is raised in the air and slightly bent, as if she's about to shift directions.

“I love languages—I wish I could speak 17 of them. Maybe working as an interpreter, a translator or a journalist covering human rights.”

Miami City Ballet’s Nathalia Arja: Actress or Anchorwoman

Arja onstage in a classical tutu, her right leg extended as she leans away from it.

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress—comedy in particular is my thing. My friends could tell you more about that—I definitely like being the clown of the group! I also wanted to be a TV anchorwoman. I used to have my mother bring out her camera and record me as I presented the news.”

Tap Dancer and Choreographer Caleb Teicher: Percussionist

Teicher wearing high-heeled tap shoes, short black shorts and white button-down, jumping slightly off the ground with one leg extended in front of him and his arms reaching behind him.

“I’d love to be a pit or studio musician—still contributing to artistic collaborations but with a little less time spent in the spotlight. I started as a percussionist before I found tap dance, and I have dreams about returning to the piano/drum kit someday.”

Pennsylvania Ballet’s Sterling Baca: Arachnologist

Baca in a classical ballet piece, facing the audience with his back leg in attitude.

“I’ve always had a passion for the natural sciences and wildlife, especially insects. I’d enjoy being an arachnologist, but at this point I see myself being a part of this wonderful art form for the rest of my life—with some spider searching on the side.”

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Jamar Roberts: Graphic Designer or Animator

A photo from a photoshoot of Roberts jumping in the air, his legs crossed and his arms reaching towards the ground. He wears metallic shorts and looks toward his right hand.

“I also enjoy drawing and fashion, and designed the costumes for Members Don’t Get Weary.”

San Francisco Ballet’s Sarah Van Patten: Outreach Director

Van Patten in a contemporary ballet piece, jumping with her legs in a split.

“I’m a mom so I already have a second full-time job! I haven’t decided exactly what I might do once I retire, but I have done some outreach in the past that I really enjoyed. I’ve taught dance in South Africa, organized a fundraiser for Children of Uganda and for the past 12 years organized Nutcracker hospital visits.”

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What These 9 Stars Would Be Doing If They Weren&039;t Dancers

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