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Congratulations to Christian Ocier (not pictured) who guessed all 16 of our mystery Salomes correctly!  

The quiz once again&;

And the answers:

  1. Birgit Nilsson
  2. Inge Borkh
  3. Grace Bumbry
  4. Ljuba Welitsch
  5. Eva-Maria Westbroek
  6. Anja Silja
  7. Julie Migenes
  8. Mara Zampieri
  9. Maria Ewing
  10. Marisa Galvany
  11. Deborah Voigt
  12. Eva Marton
  13. Christine Goerke
  14. Angela Denoke
  15. Ute Vinzing
  16. Alessandra Marc

Source: Music-2

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