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5 Watercolor Painting Hacks Perfect for Beginners

5 Watercolor Painting Hacks Perfect for Beginners

5 #Watercolor Painting Hacks Perfect for Beginners In Transit Artist Kathryn Keller Larkins risks everything by embracing gigantic dimensions and a radically limited palette. She’s no longer a novice artist, but she still has some of the best tips for beginners to try.   Through Security by Kathryn Keller Larkins   Larkins’ work is distinguished by many things. It&8217;s distinguished by her decision to use a highly restricted palette, to start. She uses primarily Winsor & ... Read More »

Intuition, Emotion and Expressiveness in Watercolor

Intuition, Emotion and Expressiveness in Watercolor

Intuition, Emotion and Expressiveness in #Watercolor Stir the Emotions! Thomas Schaller’s watercolor paintings alone are enough to stir emotion in the viewer. But add to that his journey, and you’ll have a new level of appreciation for what he brings to the table. Schaller is one of our featured artist-instructors, and his story inspires me to want to paint, explore and mostly live an artful life. Enjoy his work, his words of wisdom and his ... Read More »

Paint Atmosphere Using These Five Secrets

Paint Atmosphere Using These Five Secrets

As a landscape painter in the United Kingdom, artist Oliver J. Pyle is engaged by the idea of atmosphere and how it relates to painting, using #watercolor. Read on to uncover Pyle’s five secrets for creating compelling scenes and atmosphere that have the power to capture the viewer’s eye — and heart. Enjoy! The Evocative Landscape Corfe Castle and Beyond (20×28.5)   I love the landscape and everything about it. And, watercolor allows me to make my ... Read More »

Painting Loose

Painting Loose

After Monet by Jean Haines, #watercolor painting. Article contributions from Beth Williams. The Freewheeling World of Watercolor According to Jean Haines You don’t get into watercolor because you like straight lines, geometry, and control. You get into it because you crave freedom and fluidity and a taste of the unknown. Watercolor artist Jean Haines paints a wide range of subjects in a loose and interpretive style. Light, color and sections left to the viewers’ imagination play a ... Read More »

Watercolor Painting Video | Watercolor Artist February 2017 Issue Preview

This issue couldn’t have come at a better time—when gratitude is at the forefront of our consciousness. Indeed, we’re thankful for personal expression, the art spirit, the creative voice. The February issue of #Watercolor Artist features the watercolor paintings that won top prizes in national society exhibitions, creative jump-starts and new watercolor hacks to try. Featured artists include Helen Brown, Nadine Charlsen, Kathleen S. Giles, Olga Litvinenko, Yael Maimon, Enza Viceconte, William Trost Richards and ... Read More »

Painting Animals in Watercolor | Cheng-Khee Chee’s Saturated Wet Technique

When I paint birds and flowers, I totally disregard traditional symbolism. My primary concern is purely for aesthetic consideration. Chinese artists know their subjects well and store them in their memories. When it comes to painting, they usually take an improvisational approach. I adopt this method by intuitively painting the background first, and then lifting out shapes for the birds. This gives me the freedom of having the birds in the most strategic areas after ... Read More »

A Song, a Sea Turtle and a Watercolor Painting

Have I got a treat for you today! Jean Haines is back with another guest blog post in which she shares a watercolor painting demonstration of a sea turtle. View her complete video workshops at ArtistsNetworkTV, and read on to see why Jean thinks that sometimes painting is akin to singing a song. Enjoy! ~Cherie A Turtle Song by Jean Haines I often think that painting is just like singing. At times we can sing ... Read More »

Watercolor and The Importance of Play

Great news! The Watermedia Showcase has a newly extended deadline of August 22, so there’s still time to showcase your talent! Today’s guest blogger is watercolor artist Jean Haines, who has four new videos on how to paint with watercolor, and you can get them as part of this exclusive Loosen Up Your Watercolors kit along with her books, World of Watercolor and Paint Yourself Calm, and her 18-color palette dot card. Enjoy! ~Cherie Watercolor and ... Read More »

Switching Creative Gears | Brush Lettering With Watercolor | Comment and WIN!

If you’re reading this post, chances are pretty good that you already love watercolor painting or are embarking upon your journey. Admittedly, we adore the medium—a bold stroke of the brush to plant a tree in a landscape, transparent glazes, not painting an area to suggest its existence—it’s magic! But what about other ways to use watercolor? One idea currently on our minds (thanks, Pinterest and instagram) is brush lettering with watercolor. Lettering by Jenn ... Read More »

Fall’s Must-Have Watercolor Painting Resource | Watercolor Artist’s October Issue

The October 2016 issue of Watercolor Artist is this fall’s must-have watercolor painting resource, featuring tips on plein air sketching, getting the most out of your brushes and using expressive color! Featured artists include Thomas McNickle, Carol Carter, Patricia Guzmán, Ian Ramsay and more. Watch the preview below to get an idea of the beauty inside the issue. Look for the issue on newsstands August 16, or order your copy in print here or as ... Read More »

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