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3 Stirring Landscapes | Acrylic Painting Inspiration

3 Stirring Landscapes | Acrylic Painting Inspiration

When you open your eyes to it, you may notice that there’s a ripple effect to so many things that happen in our lives. Sometimes the smallest daily minutiae can spark us to take an action. You likely see dozens of articles in a day, for example, each of which is filled with images that pull your attention in different directions. Our hope is that ArtistsNetwork regularly brings you a moment of peace, clarity, and inspiration; something ... Read More »

Creative Layering Techniques for Abstract Painting

Creative Layering Techniques for Abstract Painting

Color and Shapes Come Together with No Hesitation Building a visual rhythm in a painting often has to do with ease of movement as you layer color and texture. A lot of artists call this different things: intuitive, gestural, or freedom. But it all comes down to shutting the mind off — going on creative autopilot &8212; so that the thinking mind does not interfere with the acting hand. Exploring abstract painting can reward you ... Read More »

10 Ways to Tell You Are a Pastel Artist

Pastel Quiz: How to Spot the Artist Pastel artists love color, love texture, and love creating! Time in the studio is the most satisfying part of any day and #art-making means setting our inner visions free! Take our pastel quiz and see what kind of pastel artist you are! There are quite a few clues that make it easy to spot a pastel artist if you know what to look for. Here are 10 ways ... Read More »

Tell Your Art Story

#Art is inherently narrative, and drawing is no exception. Artists have been using drawing to tell stories since pencil was first put to paper. The Spring 2017 issue of Drawing magazine presents several examples of artists telling stories their way and offers insight into their processes to help inform your own. Subscribe to Drawing here. Make Way for Picture Books The exhibition “Make Way for Ducklings: The Art of Robert McCloskey,” celebrates the work of the author and illustrator ... Read More »

8 Works of Art You Need to See

Who Is Getting Noticed in the World of Acrylic Painting? The pace of the #art world is fast and operates in so many different ecosystems. We are inundated by imagery, events, exhibitions, new techniques, old techniques, new artists, old artists, gossip, drama, and an energy that pulses non-stop, day in and day out. Even for all of us, whose jobs and passions put us right in the middle of the action, it is, well, a ... Read More »

Painting the Landscape: 11 Questions Answered by Johannes Vloothuis

A painting demo by Vloothuis. Landscape Artist Teaches Thousands & Shares His Tips with Us With landscape artist Johannes Vloothuis guiding the way, thousands of artists from around the world learn how to paint. His teaching methods are geared toward those who are new to landscape painting (maybe you or someone you know) and to those who are experienced. Starting as a mentor on, he now has instructional DVDs and teaches online workshops. In ... Read More »

Break Your Inhibitions and Learn How to Paint: A Proven Method

Restful (oil, 14×18) by Craig Nelson; completed in 40 minutes (Pin this!) How Painting Quick Studies Lead You to Becoming a Better Artist It’s all fun and games to joke about being a procrastinator, but overthinking some things, such as how to paint a subject, can be a serious roadblock. Sometimes it’s best to just jump in and see what happens when you begin sketching your composition or start putting paint onto the canvas. Craig ... Read More »

Artful Books to Celebrate World Book Day

World Book Day &8212; Books That Come Alive with Art Happy World Book Day! There’s no better time to share our favorite books inspired by #art and artists and, of course, books that inspire us to make art. We’ve got recommendations for everyone and we encourage you to share your favorites with us. We’re always looking for a good read! Books about Specific Artworks For those of you who love spending time getting to know ... Read More »

Happy Earth Day, Artists!

Being Part of the Green Art Movement Happy Earth Day, Artists! May your land-, sea-, and skyscapes be as lovely today as they ever were. It’s not a day to preach or chide or feel down on yourself. Just a day to celebrate Mother Nature and raise awareness as an #art community of green art ways–simple solutions you can do starting today in your studio to keep your ecosystem going strong. Love in art, Courtney ... Read More »

To Title or Not to Title: Is That the Question?

Beginner Art Questions: The Paint Is Drying&8230;Now What? Artist Ginny Gluege approached us with an interesting question and an informed take on what artists can and should consider when debating whether or not to title an artwork. I don’t like to title my acrylic paintings because I feel strongly about not influencing the viewers&8217; freedom to develop their own thoughts, interpretations, enjoyment of the piece. Is there a good way to label the pieces for inventory ... Read More »

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