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Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp’s Life in Pieces

Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp’s Life in Pieces

Marcel Duchamp | A Life in Pieces

In this edition of Life in Pieces, discover the fascinating life of a true artistic trailblazer, Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp, who questioned deep-rooted beliefs about what should be, and made it his mission to challenge those assumptions.

Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp | Life in Pieces | Artist's NetworkIn honor of the Fountain&;s 100th anniversary, the “Marcel Duchamp Fountain: An Homage,” opened at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art on April 10, 2017 (the anniversary of the opening of the First Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in New York City), featuring an impressive array of art inspired by Duchamp&8217;s urinal. Don&8217;t worry, there is still time to check out the exhibit, which will remain open until May 26. Happy art-making, artists!

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