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4 Tips for Colored Pencil Artists

Recent years have seen colored pencils taken up by an increasing number of artists, and work created with colored pencil sits in elite private collections and museums. Whether you’re a seasoned colored pencil artist or someone looking to dip their toe into these waters for the first time, Drawing magazine and Artist’s Network have what you need to get the most out of your colored pencil drawings. Here we’re pleased to share some of the ... Read More »

The Figure in John Salminen’s Watercolor Paintings

Recently I shared with you four architectural watercolor paintings by John Salminen, as seen in this beautiful new collection of his work, Master of the Urban Landscape. With more than 150 paintings to view, it seems like another sneak peek is in order! Today you’ll get to take in four of John’s paintings that somehow incorporate the human form, along with his reflections on each piece. Enjoy! ~Cherie The Human Form: Watercolor Paintings by John ... Read More »

Technique Tuesdays: 10 Tips for Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is more popular than ever, and there is no limit to the styles that can be created or the ways it can be incorporated in artwork. Use it in your journal, letter a special card or gift tag, or add hand lettering to a painting or collage to add something special and truly personalize your piece. You don’t have to have perfect letters—you don’t even have to like your handwriting. Start by drawing some ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes with Abstract Artist Jodi Ohl

Mixed-media, acrylic and abstract artist Jodi Ohl was recently in the Artist’s Network video studios filming four new instructional videos and I was once again amazed at her wealth of art knowledge, and her willingness to share it. This was the third time Jodi visited our studios to share her painting and mixed-media techniques and in some cases, she was building on techniques she had shown in the past. Here’s a behind the scenes look ... Read More »

Creating a Travel Journal: Buildings, People and More

I love to travel. I get the itch every few months to go out and explore. Then the planning begins! Planning a trip just ramps up the anticipation of what I’m going to see. Anyone else both love and hate the countdown clock for a vacation? So close to leaving but yet so far! I love taking pictures on my trips and always end up with thousands of photos to sort through. A lot of ... Read More »

Why We Make Art | Lee Hammond

The need to create is one of life’s great mysteries, and art itself is highly misunderstood. Few will ever really know or understand what drives an artist to create what they do. And many wonder why the artist can’t stop, or ever to want to. Artists are often highly misunderstood, for the mystery of how we think is impossible for most people to comprehend. For many, why we make art and the personality of an artist ... Read More »

Studio Saturdays: Hand Lettering Every Day

I am a reformed hand letterer. My ill-fated attempts at calligraphy made me to fear and dread hand lettering to the point of being terrified at having to address an envelope. But when I realized that so many artists were bailing on traditional calligraphy and embracing a style that was their own—quirky, funky, and most of all, imperfect—I knew there was a place for me. Still, my first attempts at this new style were clumsy and ... Read More »

Pastel Pick of the Week | Pure Color: Pastels From the Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cavaliers and Indians (and, OK, the Browns) aren’t the only must-see attractions to be found in Cleveland. Pure Color: Pastels From the Cleveland Museum of Art, which celebrates pastels made from the second half of the 19th century to the early 20th century, kicks off its season November 19 and runs through March 19, 2017, at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The exhibition highlights a remarkably creative period of richness, diversity and experimentation in the ... Read More »

Through the Years with John Howard Sanden

Oil painter John Howard Sanden takes a look back at his work and his process through the years in a Q&A with The Artist’s Magazine. His Majesty The Alafin Of Oyo (oil on canvas, 92×60) What has changed for you over the course of your career?  Everything in my long life and long career is dated either before 1969 or after 1969. That was the year I moved from the Midwest to New York, began to ... Read More »

A Tip on How to Paint Birds in Flight

Editor’s Note: Today Johannes Vloothuis teaches us that seeing like an artist is about more than understanding shapes and colors in a unique way. Below he offers a simple tip for painting objects in motion, including a tip on how to paint birds. For an in-depth course, sign up for Johannes’ new series of live classes, Essentials of Painting Birds. Happy painting! ~Cherie Welcome Home (oil on canvas) by Bev Legault How to Paint: Capturing ... Read More »

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