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When You Are “Not Missing Anything Important”

When You Are “Not Missing Anything Important”

Artist Binay Sinha drew my attention to everything that ‘is’ important through his exhibition Not Missing Anything Important, at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi. It was an exhibition where nothing was structured, and everything was curiously fragmented. Much is akin to the delirious times we live in! Making sense of contemporary life through the chaos of politics, social activism, opinions, and stereotypes is a task that the common man has at ... Read More »

How To Get Unstuck in August

  In 1984 Suzi Gablik made this observation about the effect that Modernism, and Post-Modernism, had upon art and culture: that the “values of the marketplace” had replaced or undermined any sense of a “meaning-giving function” in the art being created. Artists found themselves in a cultural and economic system that rewarded those who created commodities that met the needs of the Art Market.  As Andy Warhol stated, “why do people think artists are special? ... Read More »

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