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Linda Catlin Smith

Linda Catlin Smith The new issue of musicworks, which some kind person sends me regularly from Toronto, has an evocative profile, by Monica Pearce, of the American-Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith, whose spare, crystalline music has found an international following in recent years, thanks in part to the British label another timbre. The composer and author Allen Shawn, who taught Smith in high school, describes her early efforts: "I felt from the very first encounter that ... Read More »

Weinberg’s "Kaddish"

Weinberg’s "Kaddish" On the New Yorker website, a strong recommendation for the City of Birmingham Symphony's new recording of Mieczysław Weinberg&039;s Symphonies No. 2 and 21. The latter, dedicated to victims of the Warsaw Ghetto, stands revealed as one of Weinberg&039;s greatest works — fully the equal of the later symphonies of his longtime friend and mentor Shostakovich. The Weinberg discography has expanded greatly since I wrote about The Passenger in 2011. Of the twenty-two symphonies — the ... Read More »

The last grandchild

The last grandchild Verena Wagner Lafferentz died on April 19, at the age of 98. She was the last surviving grandchild of Richard Wagner — and it is astonishing to contemplate that the grandchild of a man born in 1813 was alive until last week. (Not quite as astonishing, to be sure, as the fact that two grandsons of John Tyler, the tenth President of the United States, born 1790, are still with us.) Mark ... Read More »

TV dialogue of the year

TV dialogue of the year Marion Stein (Monica Dolan) in A Very English Scandal: "Jeremy, I'm not a fool. I practically grew up with Benjamin Britten. I&039;ve seen something of the world. I fled from Hitler, for God&039;s sake. My own son married a hippie in a yurt. And I&039;ve toured with orchestras—I couldn&039;t begin to tell you the things I&039;ve seen. So there&039;s no need to protect me." Source: Music-1 TV dialogue of the ... Read More »

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