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A Helena Tulve moment

A Helena Tulve moment Und von liehte vinster, for bassoon and string quartet (2012), takes its title from the Middle High German of Meister Eckhart: "On earth, this entrance [to divine nature] is nothing but pure detachment, and when the detachment reaches its climax, it becomes ignorant with knowing, loveless with loving, and dark with enlightenment." Source: Music-1 A Helena Tulve moment Read More »


Wagnerian A fiftieth-birthday present to myself: an overlong, often unreadable, but nevertheless continuous first draft of my third book, Wagnerism: Art in the Shadow of Music. Minnie and Bea are warily supportive. Previously: Benchmark, Birthday poem. Source: Music-1 Wagnerian Read More »

Trump on Wagner

Trump on Wagner Admirers of the perpetually beleaguered art of Richard Wagner will be relieved to know that Donald Trump evidently has a low opinion of the composer. The passage above, dated Sept. 25, 1987, appears in Tina Brown's addictively absorbing Vanity Fair Diaries. A curious footnote: although the Ring was in the air at the Met that month, with the new Otto Schenk production of Rheingold waiting in the wings, the season opened with Plácido ... Read More »

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