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Author Archives: Alex Ross

There was a third book

There was a third book Last week I turned in the manuscript of my third book, Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music. Having spent nine years writing it, I'm now not entirely sure what to do with myself. To be sure, much work remains: copy-editing, fact-checking, determining the placement of more than a hundred illustrations. But the work on my end is largely done. The publication date is September 2020. I say ... Read More »

Mistakes at the LA Phil

Mistakes at the LA Phil It's unfortunate that the Los Angeles Philharmonic, one of the world&039;s leading orchestras, has been suffering from muddled leadership on the part of its board of directors. When Deborah Borda left the LA Phil&039;s top administrative post in 2017, the board had the opportunity to promote Chad Smith, the orchestra&039;s longtime chief of programming. Instead, it brought in Simon Woods, who had had success in previous jobs but who lacked ... Read More »

The Karl Muck affair

The Karl Muck affair For the New Yorker website, I've written a Cultural Comment on two recent books that describe the absurd and frightening Karl Muck hysteria of 1917-18. Above is a cartoon from the period. One rumor pegged Muck as Wagner&039;s illegitimate son, prompting a poem from Lincoln Kirstein: "Karl Muck conducts the symphony; a steel svelte villain, he— / Ma says he&039;s Wagner&039;s bastard son (&039;Daddy, what&039;s bostordy?&039;)" Other eminent German- and Austrian-born ... Read More »

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