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The Pune Biennale- Inside Phule Museum

The Pune Biennale- Inside Phule Museum

  I stumbled upon the Pune Biennale on social media while I was looking at upcoming artists to follow, who always have great work up on their accounts.The few visuals I encountered online were enough to inspire me to travel over the weekend, and cover the Pune Biennale firsthand and experience the marvels promised. Habit-co-Habit happened to be the third edition of the aforementioned art festival. The festival was not confined to just one venue, ... Read More »

Impressionist Painting Techniques For Beginners

The impressionist techniques are very creative and artful. They changed ordinary means of painting details that show life as such. The movement aimed at more freedom of art in an expressionistic style. There are several techniques used by Impressionist artists. According to art history, the first bright, modern movement is impressionism.With its kick-start in Paris in the […] The post Impressionist Painting Techniques For Beginners appeared first on Fine Art Blogger. Source: Fine Art Read More »

Preview These Composition Tips to Empower Your Paintings!

Come explore possibilities for your art! In this sneak peek from Aaron Schuerr’s video, Pastel Painting Master Class: Composition for Landscapes, Aaron takes you through the process of looking at a landscape and breaking it down into shapes that can be adjusted and moved around, putting the shapes back together in new ways that work together to create stunning paintings. “Composition is simply a means to expression; the language the artist uses to share an ... Read More »

Studio Saturdays: Vintage Art Materials

I’ve never met an antique mall I didn’t like. No matter how dusty and musty it may be, I’ll happily paw through piles of old linens, boxes of buttons, and stacks of books to find vintage #art materials. These treasures invariably wind up in my art journal pages, handmade books, cards, tags, collages, assemblages, and even wrapped gifts. If you have a jones for junk, welcome. Today’s Studio Saturday is dedicated to the hunt for ... Read More »

Exhibition of the Month: John Steuart Curry’s Early Years

John Steuart Curry (1897–1946) became widely recognized in the 1920s and 1930s for his intimate understanding and representation of the people and landscapes of his home state of Kansas. Artwork from the artist’s formative years is on view in “John Steuart Curry: Mapping the Early Career,” an exhibition on display through May 13 at the Beach Museum of Art, at Kansas State University. Along with such artists as Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood, Curry ... Read More »

Too Intimidated to Start Painting? Don’t Be!

Beginner Paintings Are About Three Things: Surface, Brush, and Palette The first time I tried to paint it was a disaster. I was in a class and I didn’t know what I was doing. I loaded my brush with too much paint, I didn’t understand how to mix colors, and I got overwhelmed super quickly. That does not have to be your story! Making beginner paintings is all about getting started the right way, and ... Read More »

Painting en Plein Air Across the Grand Canyon

The following article on plein air painting first appeared in Pastel Journal (June 2016) by Aaron Schuerr To step from pavement onto dusty trail is to cross an invisible line into the present. The idea becomes the act. After months of planning and preparing, this first step feels strangely improbable. The central question is this: Can I paint my way across the Grand Canyon?   Man and nature convene at Plateau Point. I bask in the ... Read More »

Watercolor Challenge: Bluebonnets

Love Jean Haines’ loose, lovely painting style? Try it yourself with this simple watercolor challenge! Follow along with Jean as she demonstrates painting bluebonnets in just a few minutes. It&8217;s a great way to practice, warm up, and put spare scraps of watercolor paper to good use. Spring Medley by Jean Haines For this watercolor challenge, you will need: Your favorite watercolor brush A small brush, like a liner or rigger Watercolor paints in the following or similar ... Read More »

Paint Along 32: Professional Insights for Painting Water | LIVE with Johannes Vloothuis

TIME: 1:00 to 5:00 PM EST DATES: 3 Saturdays: March 4, 11, and 18 WHERE: From the comfort of your home You do not have to attend the sessions live. Everything gets recorded and can be downloaded at no extra cost. Register for the Paint Along 32: Professional Insights for Painting Water Live online workshop here now! Learn How to Paint Water Water is a common element in landscape paintings, and one that can add interest ... Read More »

Technique Tuesdays: Working with Vintage Materials

Vintage materials add unique touches to mixed-media #art, telling a story and providing texture, dimension, color, and patina. Whether it’s bumpy rust on an antique hinge, a hand-written ledger entry, or a threadbare piece of an old quilt, these items have a story that artists love to share. A few expert tips and techniques can go a long way in working with these treasured bits. We’ve gathered several ideas from our artists just for you, ... Read More »

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