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Da i Re, body as an instrument


1" x 1"

Shipping As - Rolled Canvas

$ 2
Alice in WonderBand is a dancing orchestra. They use human voice and the body percussion technique, where body is a rhythmical instrument. They perform international pop and rock, as Serbian folk and author songs in their own musical arrangements. The play was directed by Višnja Obradović, and the performers are Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški. Alice in WonderBand is a lifetime project of these two artists, an art lab that exists for 20 years so far. Since 1998, they live on the edge of the National park Fruška gora and create art in harmony with nature. Since its foundation, Alice in WonderBand has grown from a musical group to a multimedial one, which, apart from concerts, has completed theater plays, expositions, performances and fashion shows. Their expression style combines theater, physical theater, dance, circus. The premiere of the play was at the “Street musicians festival“ in Novi Sad. The play was also performed at the “Belgrade summer festival“, “Dev9t festival“ and many other stages in Serbia, as well as in Paris, France during "Week of foreign cultures" festival. After successful performance in November of 2017 in Bavaria, Germany, they return there and will be on tour in the beginning of February of 2018.

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