About us

Art meets Art!

Ever wondered why art is created? If no one looked at art would it still exist? Does an art need a buyer? Would art exist without collectors? Who are these collectors anyway? Privileged or unloved individuals? People with conviction, or mere investors? Maybe show-offs or idealists? There could be some truth to these clichés but one thing is certain; art deeply changes lives of both artists and collectors. Personality of collector is clearly reflected by the artworks they own and it kindles the desire in them to share such private treasures.

What is Artnation?

At Artnation our objective is simple; bring everything there is about art under one roof. Whether it be buying, selling, looking up for art events/auctions or getting hired for various art projects. Our primary focus is to promote local artists to the international art market where art is truly appreciated. We thrive to connect artists with like minded art enthusiasts across the globe. Gone are the days when artists had to move to a big city to get their work noticed. Our unique feature lets you discover art close to your home. Besides, when the art world is coming online why you should be left behind?

Why Artnation?

Once you’re subscribed we keep you updated with the relevant and most recent news from the world of art. Our platform is easy to use and connects you with other online channels to attract relevant audience. Having your artwork showcased online gives a chance to connect with other art enthusiasts. Ease of payment and logistics fulfilment are the perks you get at Artnation. Oh and did we mention we charge lowest commission from artists and no charge to showcase your artwork! For us, art is a global phenomenon that is part of a silent but thriving economy. We help artists join that growing economy.

Who is behind Artnation?

We are a team of art lovers that has 30 years of collective experience in multinational companies across various cutting edge technologies. Our motive is to blend technology with art and provide a unique experience to all the art lovers. We really appreciate you taking out time to know us better. We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to give us your feedback or just say hello at connect@artnation.world